“All the world's a stage, and all the men and women merely players.”
- William Shakespeare

Shannon/Weaver Communication Model (1948)

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a·ware (ə-wâr′) adj

1. having knowledge; conscious; cognizant.

2. informed; alert; knowledgeable; sophisticated.

How often have you been confronted with technology which was difficult to use?

Technology is definitely lacking humanity.

A whole “Atari” generation has been born, lived, grown up and got jobs. Generation X now controls the media they consumed as children, but exactly what have they added to the cultural lexicon?

Ecologists now view all life on this planet as part of a single biological organism called ‘Gaia’ – the internet is the circulatory system for today’s information, ideas, and images. An extension of the planetary ecosystem, this mediasphere serves as a breeding ground for new ideas in our culture. We are exposed to it whenever we come into contact with communications technology – such as television, blogs, computer networks, magazines, video games, fax machines, radio shows, MP3s or DVDs. Media viruses (known as memes) permeate in the same way as biological viruses spread through the human body – however, instead of traveling along an organic circulatory system, a media virus travels through computer networks.

Imagine a box that could present any of these ideas at a moment’s notice – it would definitely be a helpful communication tool, as important as the drum or pen. This is what the internet will become.

We must have the right to reproduce anything we see – if only for increased communication value – for with this one idea, peace is possible.

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